bespoke [bɪˈspəʊk] adj, Chiefly Brit December 16 2013, 0 Comments

Ever notice how a word pops up, you hear it once and suddenly you hear it EVERYWHERE?

I have one: 'bespoke'.

My stepdaughter, then living in London, talked about Opal at Home and called it our 'bespoke pillow line'. I confess ignorance!! Had NO idea what bespoke meant, only that it seemed like such a quaint, charming, British kind of word. (Especially so when said with a British accent, but then what ISN'T quaint and charming when so spoken?)

So I looked it up. Custom, made to order, sewn. It refers to the real artisans and craftspeople in the garment trades, who design and sew beautiful, unique tailored garments for their customers. Now, bespoke is used in tech, in design--even in cocktails!!

And, thanks to my lovely and well-traveled stepdaughter, Opal at Home's artisan crafted pillows!

We are in good company. Check out some really amazing companies, who love the concept too:  Gorgeous goods!  A wonderful design studio in one of the world's most delightful places, Victoria, BC.....and their offerings will soon include Opal pillows!  We REALLY dig this! Custom designed prosthetics. Amazing!

And, for visual example, a bespoke pillow--appropriately enough, featuring a vintage map of London:

Bespoke!! Use it today; you'll be in fine company.