Europe, As We Saw It January 02 2014, 0 Comments

Our Opal Travelogue/Midcentury collection was taken from a huge collection of slides, taken by our family from 1959-63. In fact, those old photos were much of the inspiration behind Opal at Home! Two of my brothers have been family archivists, scanning and culling and printing for albums and framed art. There are amazing images there--surely the iconic places of Europe, but also people, cars, clothes.....there is such richness and, well, cool in them! (It doesn't hurt that my parents, who took them, were people who found beauty everywhere, had a sense of humor, and really made the most of 4 years living overseas. Such is the stuff of cool photos!) So I, the family interior decorator, thought they needed to be out there, somehow.

Pillows it is!!

Printed on white linen, we really do get amazing resolution, but a little softer, dreamier effect than the original photo.

Some other shots I'm feeling kind of inspired by right now:

How fabulously cool is THIS?? Sputnik lights and modern art in a Baroque setting. Love that every photo from this era and place has men in suits, women in dresses and heels.....Madmen Euro style!

A Russian cathedral, in Germany.

A guard at the Vatican....a woman at a shrine (I need to look up where)....a Venice canal...

That blur on the left is me, with my brother, playing amidst the art.

Kind of like now.

Better go make some pillows....

Happy New Year to all!