They say time flies..... October 18 2014, 1 Comment

It has been a year now since Opal at Home took it's first tottering steps out into the world!


Hard to believe.

We've created some hundred new pillow designs, shown them to buyers from all around the country (and even around the world!), and found them homes in beautiful shops from our home base in Eugene, Oregon, to Philadelphia, to Jackson Hole, to Costa Mesa, to Little Rock, to Austin, to Olympia, to Nantucket.....and too many other places to name.

So today is a day to think a minute, say a thank you to the people who have supported this little company, and understood it, and made it part of their own businesses or their own homes. We are eternally committed to the idea that home is more than a place, and that meaningful objects that reflect their owner's dreams, interests, desires are the only kind worth owning.

If you will keep coming back, and seeing what we do, we will keep doing our best to give you special pillows with beautiful, resonant images, to grace your own artful home!