Telling a Story January 25 2016, 0 Comments

Opal at Home had a new venue last week: the Americasmart Home and Gift Market, in Atlanta! We met some wonderful people, with incredible businesses, none more so than a delightful woman from Rochester, NY, who shared with us her thoughts about business, about design, and about ways she creates a welcoming retail environment that invites a customer to tell her story through her home.

I thought she beautifully articulated what we are about as a business, and what I personally strive for as an interior designer; providing inspiration, authenticity, and a seasoned eye to our customers and clients in defining and interpreting their own stories, and curating homes that reflect that. I don't think this needs to mean a home that is all family photos, or a museum of activities, or that every piece of art needs to have some concrete relevance beyond sheer beauty or emotional resonance, but rather a home full of interesting corners and restful spaces that reference the occupant's experiences and dreams.

Our Midcentury Travelogue pillows are made from my own family's photography, from our time there 1959-63. What is it about the collection that resonates so strongly with people? (I am told that it does.) Is it a place they visited in another time? Is it a dream of such a time and place? Is it a representation of who they would have been, had they been around back then? (I am at a point that many of my clients simply were NOT, but they still have some sort of cool connection that makes these images work for them, and express something in their homes that is meaningful and real.)

So this week I'm thinking about stories, as told in our homes. What makes them work? What makes them fascinating and beautiful, as well as expressive of the occupants?

What stories do YOU tell?