This could be the start of something...... October 07 2013, 0 Comments

 What in the world leads someone to start a line of pillows?


People who know me well--clients, friends, family--know that collecting, assembling,

decorating has been part of my life for about as long as I've breathed. 


My years of collecting ephemera, vintage art, old graphics, mementos--

tokens of a ton of other people's (and sometimes my own!) lives well lived--

left me with a lot of stuff. ("Treasures" I call it.) Technology offered a way to

design and print those wonderful, evocative elements on European linen; superb

craftsmanship and honest, high end materials (the same workmanship and

materials I used for design clients for many years: the same seamstresses,

the same Made in America down fills, the same care and craft) make them

into luxurious, artisan pillows.


So I guess it was meant to be! Rick, my husband, has run his own wholesale

house for many years, and was ready for another challenge. Or perhaps he

just wanted to keep me happy......well, no matter, Opal at Home has breathed

her first.


Thanks for joining us for the ride!!