What is in a Name November 05 2013, 0 Comments

So many people have asked the significance of our name. One woman asked me, 'So you must be Opal, right?'


Nope. (I do have a Scottish Terrier named Ruby, but that's as close as I come!)


Opal at Home is named after Opal Whiteley, who was something of a naturalist prodigy here in Oregon in the early part of the 20th century, actually only a few miles from where we make Opal at Home pillows. She wrote a childhood diary of her days in the Oregon woods, and dreamed of some alternate life of European parentage.


She was an enigma about whom there have been many controversies (see this piece to read about her bigger story), but what we have always loved is the poetry of Opal's childhood diary. (You can read the original diary here.) Some suspect it was written later, but who cares? Whenever she wrote the diary--as a little child or young woman-- Opal was a charming, insightful observer of the natural world, and a poet of considerable grace and eloquence.


Her writing, and compelling story, made us think of our own penchant for looking for the beauty in the ordinary,  and the ways we want to meld the two in creating lovely things for the home.


The oddest moment of serendipity; when we thought of embroidering our new company monogram on the back of each of our pillows, and we realized that it was 'oh'--that exclamation of discovery and delight we want all who receive an Opal pillow to feel.