About Us

“And all the time all day long I did have longings to go on exploration trips. The fields were calling. The woods were calling. I heard the wind. He was making music in the forest. It was soft music. It was low."


Opal At Home was inspired by the story of Opal Whiteley, an Oregon girl and diarist of the early last century with a curiosity about the natural world, and a genius for understanding it. That this child of the country would imagine herself—and eventually become-- a denizen of the wider world, and write with such observant poetry, well, it inspires us to look in sometimes unexpected places for beautiful and surprising things.

So that is what we try to do.

We curate unusual and extraordinary things, and use them in the creation of our printed pillows and other objects—very special things, with a provenance and a story. You want a home that reflects you, your dreams, values and experience; that can be a challenge to achieve, in this mass produced world. At Opal at Home, our commitment is to handcrafted quality, exceptional customer service and that intangible element of artistry in the pillows we make and the business we do.

“We” are Christy and Rick Cricow, and our great group of artists, craftspeople and customer service folks. Respectively, we have been in interior design and product creation and wholesale for over 25 years; with Opal At Home we joined the best of both worlds!

The pillow you find here has been designed and impeccably crafted for you by our artisans right here in Oregon—just 2 hours south of Portlandia, and a day north of San Francisco—out of the finest materials we can find. On the back of every pillow we make is the embroidered monogram of our logo: oh. It is our initials, but also an exclamation of surprise and discovery, and it's what we hope you will say--with delight!--when you first receive one of our pillows. We love them, and think you will too.

Do you have a question? A concern? Kudos or complaints? Contact us! We really would love to hear from you!